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ameridoc-logoTPBA was the first association to provide & bring a full health care Insurance program to event professionals. Our program is second to none. NOW the PBA does it again & brings you the next big thing in healthcare. Tele-Medicine. Ameridoc is the latest thing in health care. This gives you the opportunity to utilize medical professionals any time day or night without leaving your home! This is “Tele-Medicine”. You see it on TV where a Specialist consults with a Dr remotely over the web to provide better patient care. This is available to you anywhere you happen to be. The awesome value to members is that this can cut down on office visits & emergency room visits for non threatening situations. This is a great low cost program for people without health care insurance or that are using an HSA. For a very small monthly fee you can access & get a Dr’s consult & assistance. They can even write prescriptions to your local pharmacy. This program even comes with a discounted prescription drug program. What’s more is that it will also be available for you to offer this to your staff & their families as well. Click here for more details.