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Photo Booth Benefits


Look for the TPBA to announce more major benefits for members as the months proceed. Remember we are here to help you build & grow your business. That is all we think about & all we do. We are the only registered professional trade association for Photobooth Operators. This listing is far from complete, there are literally pages more for you in the members only area.


Lifestyle & healthstyle Programs

Amazing Health & lifestyle benefits for members. Here is a list of some of the benefits included in this program.

  • Dental powered by Aetna Dental
  • Medical Bill Saver
  • Health Wealth Connection
  • Lab Testing
  • ID Sanctuary Enhanced premium Family
  • Teladoc
  • Health Advocacy
  • MRI & CT Scans
  • Pet Care
  • Work Life Services
  • Doctors Online
  • NurseLine
  • Legal Services
  • Savers Guide
  • Pharmacy


We partnered with PayAnywhere. One of the strongest processing partners for mobile devices. PayAnywhere gives you yet another way to take credit cards. Along with our standard merchant account, you can opt to process Credit Cards & Checks on your cell phone! PayAnywhere offers two different programs depending on your monthly volume. They have a bundled rate program for low volume use, and a traditional based program for those with higher volume.


  • AFFORDABLE Health Insurance for Photobooth operators and their families!
  • Vehicle Fleet Buying Program!
  • NEW Leasing program with 2% Cash Back!
  • Affordable Debt Collection Services!
  • Employee Background Screening Service!
  • AWESOME Savings with Office Depot & Staples
  • FREE Tier One Webhosting!

Tier ONE Webhosting Totally Free!

DJSiteLogo In our efforts to continue to bring you the most dynamic & exciting benefits the Photobooth Association is pleased to be offering full members in TPBA FREE web hosting! This is full up hosting, not some mini web page. Free for as long as your membership is active, not some short term discount. Hosting includes two different templating engines as well as WordPress, photo galleries, shopping carts and more! Domain based email is also included!  If you want a want a site that is easy for you to design, manipulate & change from time to time, then our template engines could be right, WordPress is also a great option. You can sign up to use this great service absolutely free. Got multiple sites?  No problem, we will host them all for you. See the members only area for more details. This is over a $100 Value per domain!

Information on  member insurance may be obtained by calling R.V. Nuccio and Associates, Inc located in Burbank, CA at 1-800-567-2685 or you may click here for insurance program information. Liability & equipment coverage underwritten by Fireman’s Fund (AAA Rated). Million dollar liability insurance for only $99.00 for an entire year of coverage. Sign up anytime, always 12 months of coverage.(no taxes or hidden charges but you must be a paid member to receive this discounted rate). See our insurance section for more details.

    We provide, not one, but TWO rental car discount programs so you can ALWAYS get the best deal!


Under an agreement with Enterprise Rent a Car Corporation all registered members are eligible for excellent car rental discounts!

Under an agreement with the Hertz Corporation all registered members are eligible for excellent car rental discounts!

The Photobooth Association has a legal advisor on staff that can give you answers to most of your legal questions FREE OF CHARGE!! Any work that you would like done they can refer you to a qualified attorney in your area.

New service that allows you to handle any conflicts outside of court by using an arbitration clause in your contract.  This can save you significantly on any legal fees.

Add credibility to your business by proudly displaying your Photobooth Association certificate to your customers. This is also where your membership number may be found. That you use to access many of our benefits.

The Photobooth Association is working on an end-user piece suitable for mailing to prospective customers or using as a handout to other vendors. This literature will assist your customer in making the right choice for his/her affair, as well as, educating other vendors about the value of the Photobooth Association while presenting you as a professional.

These logos are ready to go to your designer / printer so that you may convey to potential customers that you are a member of an association with honesty,integrity, ethics and morals and that you are a well-established business. Prospects check membership status frequently.
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